About Us

Matt Kozar (Co-Owner)

I became a craft beer lover after college and started to go to local bottle shops and try a variety of different beers with friends. After learning of some local breweries opening near me I visited and became hooked. It didn’t take too long to realize there was a clear need to talk about craft beer in Pennsylvania. As the site and social media platforms continue to grow, Chadd and I are looking forward to always trying out new things and bringing new ideas to the PA craft beer scene. I hope to continue to grow Breweries in PA and help these breweries spread the word!.

Chadd Balbi (Co-Owner)

My journey to craft beer started like many others. My younger years were consumed with mass produced beer at cheap prices. Then I slowly opened my horizons to the idea of lagers and amber ales. Eventually jumping head first into the craft beer scene. Along with this passion of craft beer, having graduated with a communications degree I wanted an outlet I could mold the two together. So here I am. Bringing my passion for writing and documenting an industry I love so much. The idea is for Matt and I to continue to move Breweries In PA towards total PA Beer domination!