Craft beer is something we are clearly passionate about. But it’s not just drinking the beer that excites us. Sometimes we like to get in the brewhouse and come up with a creative brew alongside some great breweries.

Below are the beer collaborations we have produced.

Collaborative Invasion” With Yellow Bridge & Stick City

In honor of the 2020 Pittsburgh Invades Philly event we teamed with two of the breweries in attendance; Yellow Bridge Brewing (Delmont, PA) and Stick City (Mars, PA) on a special collab beer.

Introducing “Collaborative Invasion” a Hazy IPA that features local malt from CNC Malt and local cascade hops from Beech Hill Hop Farm. In addition to the local Cascade hops, the breweries blended in some Citra and Simcoe for a thoughtfully balanced hop profile.

“Sharing Size” 2.0 – Brewed With Free Will Brewing

For Halloween 2019 we joined Free Will Brewing (Perkasie, PA) for a special holiday-themed beer collaboration named “Sharing Size.” The beer is a 10.4% imperial oatmeal stout that was originally brewed with chocolate, peanut butter, and milk sugar. An adult candy beer meant for those to celebrate the fall holiday properly.

Well, it turns out you all loved the beer so much that the Free Will decided to release two new variants! Released February 22nd, 2020 was “Chocolate Caramel Cookie Sharing Size” and “Coconut Chocolate Sharing Size”.

Juice Joint” – Brewed With JJ Ratigan Brewing

“Juice Joint” is a 5.8% NEIPA that was brewed in collaboration with JJ Ratigan Brewing to celebrate their brewery grand opening in Pottstown, PA. The beer was announced on Repeal Day.

During prohibition, a Juice Joint was slang for an illegal location serving alcohol. Why the prohibition theme? JJ Ratigan’s history goes all the way back to the era!

Sharing Size” – Brewed With Free Will Brewing

To celebrate Halloween we teamed with Perkasie’s Free Will Brewing on a very special adult candy-themed beer. “Sharing Size”, a beer named for the large-sized packages of candy meant to be shared with others, was a 10.4% imperial oatmeal stout brewed with chocolate, peanut butter, and milk sugar.

Dayman” – Brewed With Stable 12 Brewing


In honor of season 14 premiere of “Always Sunny In Philadelphia” we teamed with Stable 12 Brewing Company on “Dayman”; depicting a very popular character from the show. “Dayman” was a 6.5% New England Style IPA that has been brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

Hurry Up And Wait” – Brewed With 20 Veteran Owned Breweries


Hands down our proudest collab to date. In honor of Memorial Day in 2019 we teamed with 20 veteran owned/ operated breweries in Pennsylvania to bring this beer to life. Because of this beer we raised over $19,000 for the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation; to support PA vets. “Hurry Up And Wait”

Glitter Panda” – Brewed With Levante And Grist House


The only way we could celebrate our 2019 Pittsburgh Invades Philly beer fest was to bring together a cross-state collaboration. Which is how “Glitter Panda” was born. We teamed with Levante Brewing (West Chester) and Grist House (Pittsburgh) on an East meets West Pennsylvania beer. “Glitter Panda” was a 10.5% Triple IPA ripe with banana puree, Madagascar Vanilla, lactose sugar, and an oasis of coconut.

Juice Invaders” – Brewed With Rotunda Brewing


Rotunda Brewing really put us to work on this one. After celebrating their kegs and eggs event all morning we jumped into the brewhouse and got to work. “Juice Invaders” was brewed with 2 row, wheat, and oats. Hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Rakau really round out the robust flavor profile. The result was a delicious DIPA we were very proud of!

PA Haze” – Brewed With Stable 12 Brewing


When we approached Stable 12 about a PA centric beer, we were thrilled when they were all in on the idea. It was our goal to produce a beer that a PA drinker could be proud of. “PA Haze” was an 8% New England Style double IPA brewed with Citra and Vic Secret hops, Pilsner malt, flaked oats, malted wheat, and lactose.

Halfway Holograms” – Brewed With Hidden River


Our very first collab. We’ve learned a lot since then, but Hidden River gave us our first crack at this collab world. And we are very thankful for them. “Halfway Holograms” was an 8.3% IPA hopped with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin.

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