Lagered In PA: These Pennsylvania Breweries Are Known For Them

Lagers and pilsners have made quite the resurgence in craft beer lately. Partly due to the low-cal and low-carb movements, but mainly (we believe) due to the brewers crafting delicious options themselves. (How delicious does this all look?)

These breweries are brewing what they love; flavorful, clean, and crisp lagers and pilsners. And they have resulted in some amazing options across the state.

We have put together a list of Pennsylvania breweries known for their lagers and pilsners. These breweries have consistently produced a high level of beer to which consumers have responded well. See the list below, in alphabetical order.

“The Classics”

Berwick Brewing Co.

At any one visit to Berwick Brewing, you have a chance to find DOUBLE DIGIT number of lagers on tap. It’s no wonder they are leading the charge for lager love.

Photo courtesy Berwick Brewing on Facebook

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

Here’s a brewery who’s lager love goes back a full decade. While they are well known for their “haze” this Bucks County brewery went as far as to install horizontal lagering tanks to show the style the appreciation it deserves.

Photo courtesy Neshaminy Creek on Facebook

Penn Brewery

If you live in Pennsylvania and can’t get to Germany for a lager, a trip to Penn is your next best option. The Pittsburgh brewery is one of the state’s oldest producers of lagers, and still excels at it to this day.

Photo courtesy Penn Brewery on Facebook

Sly Fox Brewery

Arguably the first brewery in Pennsylvania to not only produce a top-notch lager, but make sure it was widely distributed and available for all of the state to enjoy. They’ve been canning out of their Pottstown plant for as long as anyone can remember and have since spread their operations to over 5 locations.

Photo courtesy Sly Fox on Facebook

Tröegs Independent Brewing

A brewery that needs no introduction. Tröegs has been producing Pennsylvania made beer since 1996, going back almost 30 years. With several Gold, Silver and Bronze GABF medals in German style beers, it’s no wonder they keep going strong after all this time.

Photo courtesy Troegs on Facebook

“The Newcomers”

Burgh’ers Brewing

It’s rare to see a brewery throw almost everything they have behind a lager brand. Hazies bring the excitement, but true craft consumers know a lager is the mark of a brewery. Take any visit to Burgh’ers in Pittsburgh and you will almost always get a chance to sip on their 1890 Lager. A beer that has become synonymous with the brand.

Photo courtesy Burgh’ers on Facebook

Forest And Main Brewing

Without asking them, we feel that Forest And Main could be willing to stake their reputation on their lagers. A brewery that is known for offering a wide variety of styles, but it is where their lagers truly shine.

Photo courtesy Forest And Main on Facebook

Human Robot Beer

Here’s a brewery that took no time at all to become one of the best lager producers in the Philadelphia area. Having only opened in 2020, Human Robot has quickly become one of the go to breweries for an amazing lager experience.

Photo courtesy Human Robot on Facebook

Old Thunder Brewing

If you ask us, Old Thunder Brewing will eventually take the helm of lager producers in Pittsburgh. The brewery has only been open since 2021, but at the rate they are producing the style of beer, we would not be shocked if a decade from now they are the new Godfather of lagered beer in the Steel City.

Photo courtesy Old Thunder on Facebook

Pour Man’s Brewing

Don’t take our word for it, let Pour Man’s speak for themselves. As they say it, they “are a lager focused brewery.” And in the short time it has paid off, offering some of the more crisp beers you can find in Central PA. The brewery trusted the style so much that they even offer their House Lager in cans to go. 

Photo courtesy Pour Man’s on Facebook

Stick City Brewing Co.

While Stick City has only been around for several years, it already feels like they are one of the originals in Pennsylvania when it comes to a lager beer. This could be because the brewery excels at them so well, but also the frequency in which they produce them. One visit to their brewery in Butler County and you will have plenty to choose from yourself.

Photo courtesy Stick City on Facebook

Triple Bottom Brewing

When you are a brewery that is as socially conscious as Triple Bottom is, it can be easy to focus all your attention on making this industry a better place for all. And while the Philadelphia brewery does succeed in this area, they are also producing one of the best beer lineups you will find in the city of brotherly love. 

Photo courtesy Triple Bottom on Facebook

Von C Brewing Co.

Von C really didn’t have a choice when it comes to lager production. Why do we say that? Because brewing lagers is literally in their blood. The brothers behind the brand are great, great, great grandsons of Christian Schmidt who founded Schmidt’s Brewery. But nepotism doesn’t make you a good beer producer. You have to execute on your own abilities. And Von C does exactly that. One visit to their taproom in Norristown and you will see why the family tradition of brewing is living stronger than ever.

Photo courtesy Von C on Facebook

Wallenpaupack Brewing

The team at Wallenpaupack took their love for lagers (literally) to the next level when they introduced their “for the love of lager” series. Plans for the series include new lager beers inspired by regions all over the world – from the Far East to Europe.

Photo courtesy Wallenpaupack on Facebook

Warwick Farm Brewing

Warwick has a lot to be proud of. You may know the brand from winning our 2021 PA Beer Bracket Tournament, winning Best Beer Garden in our 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, or the much anticipated beautiful taproom opening in 2022. But those accomplishments all pale in comparison to the level of beer being produced by this Bucks County brewery. While their hazies may take all of the glory, it is hard to find a brewery producing a more well made/ highly rated lager.

Photo courtesy Warwick Farm on Facebook

Wolf Brewing

If you follow the story of Pennsylvania craft beer, you really can’t say that Wolf Brewing came out of nowhere. Before the brewery even opened its doors the Wolf family had racked up brewing awards from every state in the country! So it is no wonder that they continue that excellence now that their brewery is up and running in Mechanicsburg.

Photo courtesy Wolf on Facebook

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