Meet The Brewer: Jason Simmons of Lindgren Craft Brewery

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Lindgren Craft Brewing will be opening a taproom in the former Duncannon National Bank. The brewery is currently doing takeout beer as they renovate the space. Jason Simmons is the head brewer of Lindgren Craft Brewing. Read more to find out how he was introduced to craft beer, his favorite beer to drink, how he got started as a brewer, and more!

What was your introduction to craft beer?

I love this story. In 2003 my dad and I were swimming in the Susquehanna River in Duncannon drinking Appalachian Brewing Company’s Water Gap Wheat (my first craft beer), and he said that we should visit the brewery that was located a short distance down the river. We gathered our things and went straight to the brewery where I got swallowed up in the craft beer culture that a few hours before I knew nothing about.

How did you get started as a brewer?

After our visit to ABC and learning about craft beer, I was driven to understand how to make beer from raw products. A week later I was doing extract brewing, a week after that I was doing all-grain homebrewing. After a few weeks of homebrewing, I got an entry-level part-time job at Flying Fish Brewing Company (located in Cherry Hill NJ at that time). Here I did basic cleaning and packaging tasks. About 2 months later I was given the opportunity to professionally brew as a one-man band at the Red Bell Brewing Company inside the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. That was my first real brewing job and did that for 2 years before landing a position at Appalachian Brewing Company. I did all of this while working full time paid EMS and volunteer EMS/Firefighting.

What style allows you to be the most creative, and why?

IPAs. Even with using just a single malt base, there are endless varieties of hops and different hopping methods to produce different beers. The fact that they sell really well is an added bonus.


What was the first beer you ever brewed, and what did you learn from it?

It was a Mr. Beer Pale Ale, and the Mr. Beer pamphlet was my introduction to the brewing process. What I learned is that I needed to pick up a homebrewing book and learn how to brew like how they do at the breweries. Extract was not what I wanted.

Where do you see the craft beer industry heading in the next few years?

It’s unknown territory these days. I do think that those who are clever and provide an excellent product will be the ones that will succeed.

Describe what it’s like to be a brewer in Pennsylvania.

I love the friends that I have made over the years. Either the folks that you work with every day, past coworkers that are now at other breweries, or other brewers that you get to meet when we are let loose at beer festivals and other events. The brewing industry is just the best group of people.


What is the inspiration behind your beer names?

We have a book of names and phrases that we keep an eye out for in our normal conversations with each other. Song references have also been known to happen. For me, I am happy with any name that has not already been taken.

What is your favorite beer to drink right now?

Alaskan Smoked Porter is my all-time favorite beer, however lately I have been drinking our popcorn cream ale. I really enjoy lower ABV beers that are easy all-day drinkers.

What is the most important lesson you learned in the beer industry so far?

Be humble, listen, and share. There is so much talent and information out there for you to learn from, as well as the opportunity to share your experiences with others. I love brewing science and will help any brewer that asks for suggestions, and if I don’t know the answer it gives me a research project. It was through the kindness of others that I was able to get to where I am today, and I am very thankful for that.

Thank you to Jason for talking with us! Make sure you visit Lindgren Craft Brewery for all the latest beers, news, information, and special events. And also follow Lindgren on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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