Move These Breweries To Major PA Cities And Their Beer Would Be Impossible To Get

Traveling the state as much as we do allows us to get a taste of the many different options Pennsylvania offers when it comes to craft beer. And one thing that always sticks out to us is how many hidden gems we uncover along the way.

The greatest thing about these gems is how easy it is to get your hands on their well-made craft beer. However, we know this wouldn’t be the case if these breweries were located in much denser areas. If these breweries were thrown in the middle of some of the busiest cities in Pennsylvania enjoying their beer would be almost impossible because of how overrun they would get.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of just a few breweries in PA that would be crushed with foot traffic if you were to move their facilities into much larger cities.

Yellow Bridge Brewing (Delmont, PA)

If you’ve never been to Yellow Bridge Brewing you probably wouldn’t know they aren’t located in the heart of Pittsburgh. All of their branding points to them being located steps away from Heinz Field. But they aren’t. Instead, they are about 30+ minutes outside of Pittsburgh in Delmont, PA.

Depending on where you live you may think to yourself “30 minutes isn’t so bad!” Unfortunately, these 30 minutes would require crossing a bridge, and as you may (or may not) know yinzers don’t cross bridges. As a result, Yellow Bridge is a bit of a hidden gem found in the outskirts of the city.

However, if you visit Yellow Bridge you’ll find the brewery is perfect for the steel city. The industrial setting, yellow barstools and of course the brewery logo all make it the ideal fit to move 30 minutes West. Beyond all of this, the brewery has become known for offering some of the most delicious beer being produced throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Photo courtesy Yellow Bridge on Facebook

Stick City Brewing (Mars, PA)

Stick City is a bit of a double-edged sword. What makes their brewery so appealing is how “out in the sticks” it is. The brewery is a scene right out of your standard campground. Wood lined walls, an outdoor fire pit, and everything else you would find in a cozy cottage setting.

But even if they traded all that in for the more industrial feel of a bustling city you would still find one of the better breweries running currently. The beer from Stick City is some of the best you will find, not just in the area, but throughout the state. For haze heads, they have plenty to offer. More of a traditionalist? Try the lagers coming out of their side pull tap. No matter what style you are looking for Stick City offers it up and at a very high level.

Photo courtesy Stick City on Facebook

Ten7 Brewing (North Wales, PA)

Many new breweries don’t always hit home runs right out of the gate. And honestly, that is completely fine. It’s a handcrafted product, there is no reason to rush perfection. However, Ten7 is not one of those breweries. We personally have been enjoying their product since before the brewery opened its doors. And we can tell you firsthand that the beer brewed by Ten7 has been top-notch since the first sip we ever tried.

So it makes sense that a brewery who offers such a wide variety at a high level would absolutely dominate in a much busier area than the Philadelphia suburbs. Don’t take our word for it. The brewery recently announced their beer can be found at Monks Cafe in Philadelphia. Why is that a big deal? For those that don’t know Monks is one of the most historic craft beer bars not just in the state, but throughout the country. To have your beer on tap at their location is a way to understand “you’ve made it”.

Photo courtesy Ten7 on Facebook

Breaker Brewing (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Wilkes-Barre may not be the largest city in the world (despite the fame it gets from The Office) but that doesn’t stop customers from lining up in droves for this next breweries beer. Breaker Brewing has been producing top-notch liquid for years and has easily become the go-to location for craft beer in the area. In fact the demand for Breaker’s beer is so much that the brewery had to open a second location.

What makes this brewery find itself on the list is not just the quality of the beer being produced, but how much variety they offer at the same time. Can releases from Breaker are happening so frequently it is almost impossible to keep up with. Thankfully though the brewery can handle the demand and regularly drops new releases for waiting fans. We could only imagine how much more difficult they would be to get if you dropped this brewery in the heart of a major metropolitan area.

Photo courtesy Breaker Brewing on Facebook

Forest And Main (Ambler, PA)

Calling Forest And Main a hidden gem is not anything groundbreaking. The brewery is regularly called this by many national outlets. Just google “Forest And Main + Hidden Gem” and see how many results pop up. Just because so many before have referred to the Ambler brewery as such, doesn’t make it any less true.

Much like Stick City above, what makes Forest And Main such a unique spot is the location. The brewery is found in a historic farmhouse that has kept much of the original look and feel to it. Also similar to the breweries on this list the location is just part of the equation. Probably no other brewery on this list offers the variety of beer that F&M does. While their IPA’s and Stouts are high quality, you really cannot understand the full F&M experience without trying one of their ESB’s, Saisons or Cask offerings. Those are where the brewery’s true talent shines.

With how much national recognition this Montgomery county brewery gets you’d expect them to have moved to a larger city now. But lucky for locals, they continue to produce their award-winning liquid in the Philly suburbs.

Photo courtesy Forest And Main on Facebook

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