Opinion: Don’t Judge, Just Drink

This piece is written as a part of our Opinions series. A series where writers come to express their opinions of what is going on in the craft beer industry. Breweries in PA may not always agree with the contributor, but that doesn’t mean we won’t give them a voice to share their views in an effort to inspire discussion on craft beer.

This opinion piece is written by BIPA contributor Sam.

We all know that one person…

“You really need to try the hazy IPA that smells like lemon, apricot, wild berry, hibiscus, oak, pine, burnt wood, gravel, fire, earth, water and wind notes, finishing off nicely with a dry, but refreshing aftertaste due to the [insert catchy name of an exclusive hops variation] and the perfectly timed fermentation process in the brand new, stainless steel, dual capability self-cleaning top-of-the-line fermenter.”

Seriously, Greg, shut up. (Sorry all you Gregs out there!)

There is such a thing as knowing your beer, and then there is knowing your beer a little too well or in a way that really may just turn people off.

You may be thinking, “Hey well I like having educated discussions about quality beer.”

That is great. Truly. However, what I’m trying to say here is, know your audience. The beer world has evolved drastically and creativity has taken hold of brewing, but there are still people out there who see beer as well, just that, beer. Some of us just want to sit behind a bar after a long day and have a cold one without the pressure of knowing the exact flavor profile, aroma’s emitted, hop usage and step-by-step brewing process in our beer.

And for the love of God, everyone’s pallet is different. What may be foul tasting to you, may just taste like Christmas morning to another. (Except in certain instances where the consensus of people really taste straight piss.)

Moreover, there are people like myself who look at the colorful tap handles and go “oh, that one looks good’ or better yet, think the name of the beer is funny so it has to be tried obviously. I mean who wouldn’t want to taste a beer called, “Butter My Rump and Call Me a Biscuit.”

Okay that was fake. I think. Someone look that up for me.

Anyway, there are those who aren’t afraid to walk into a brewery and ask the bartender what they recommend. There are those who just try beer and enjoy beer because they like beer. Plain and simple.

And just one last point. Being from a blue collar household, I grew up on Bud Light and PBR, and you know what? That’s okay. Call it shit beer or piss water, but to some, those beers mean a lot, taste good, and honestly, save money. Not everyone can afford a eighteen dollar sixpack. This may be a craft brewery blog, but don’t stoop to the big beer dude’s level of “not for the many, for the few.” That’s just nonsense. No comment needed. Be the bigger beer lover and choose to stay kind, but do encourage those around you to try different beers. I’m not a big IPA person, but I try it all. Just incase.

All in all, don’t be the guy or gal to belittle one’s drinking choice[s], or condescend their said choice[s] with overly detailed and unnecessary ambiguous beer terminology to put yourself on a pedestal that no one really cares about anyway.

Drink beer. Stay kind. The end.

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