Pittsburgh’s 412 Brewery To Change Hands; New Owners Bring A Wealth Of Experience

412 Brewery, which is within walking distance to both Heinz Field and PNC Park, will soon have new ownership. The new ownership takes over both locations: Pittsburgh’s North Side taproom and McKees Rocks production building.

The new ownership will include partners: Adam Bey, Ryan Slicker (former co-owner and brewer at Fury Brewing), Michael Lingsch, Rocco Ieraci, and Malcolm Frazer (brewing operations at Hop Farm Brewing, former quality manager at Fat Head’s, and former trade brewer at MillerCoors).

We talked with the new partners about the changes, and a rebrand is definitely in the future. They aren’t sure when but are aiming for summer, as they are dealing with more pressing things such as ramping up the production schedule and adjusting as needed, to maintain pandemic-related compliance.

“We all bring a wealth of experience in various areas to the craft beer industry.” – Adam Bey, co-owner of 412 Brewery.

The new owners of 412 Brewery: From L to R Michael Lingsch, Adam Bey, Ryan Slicker, Rocco Ieraci.

412 Brewery will brew on the current 2.5 bbl brew system with 5bbl tanks that they have. The plan is to upgrade as they get some brews under their belt, demonstrate their experienced skills, and see increased demand from craft beer fans.

There will still be can releases (as there are already now), and as 412 Brewery says, they will rotate in IPAs, fruited sours, and some stouts. They will also always have a “crispy boi” available if they can, for all the pilsner and lager fans.

Malcolm Frazer will also be bringing his brewing experience to 412 Brewery.

The brewery will be working with food trucks to establish a regular presence. They believe food people should be allowed to thrive, and as beer people, they should focus on beer, creating a nice symbiosis between the two, to help lift each other up. They will also accommodate BYOF from eateries in the neighborhood such as Nicky’s, Modern Cafe, Peppi’s, and others.

412 will also be a leader with the Pittsburgh Brewery Diversity Council. Adam Bey is the original founder of PBDC. Breweries In PA will bring a full article on the details of the PBDC soon, so stay tuned!

For more information on 412 Brewery, make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates as they have them.

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