Devil’s Eye Brewing Announces Closure Of Dillsburg Brewery On September 30th

Devil’s Eye Brewing will be closing its doors in Dillsburg, after serving the community since 2019. The closing date is set for Saturday, September 30th.

The brewery first opened its doors in July of 2019 and operated a 4,000 sq/ft location with a 20-seat bar.

The brewery announced the closure on social media last week, in the following post:

Four years ago we set out on a journey, never expecting we’d have to end it so soon. However, like so many others we can no longer continue to operate at our location in todays economy and have simply exhausted ourselves in every way. Our last day open will be September 30th, 2023…. We would love to see as many of you as we can by then!

With that being said, we’d like to thank all of our Devil’s Eye family (aka)staff for riding out every storm with us… There truly are no words that will ever fully express how much each of you will FOREVER mean to us, or how grateful we have been for your loyalty, and continued support ( You’ve all made the book we will write one day 😉) The road has been anything but easy, yet you stood with us and gave us a million percent day, after day. We have never enjoyed working beside anyone as much as we have each of you.

We’d also like to thank all of the amazing people we have had the pleasure of meeting, engaging with and getting to know. The customer support so many have shown over the years is truly humbling, and we can not say THANK YOU loud enough… and trust me… WE ARE LOUD!

At the end of the day, we started this journey with many goals in mind but, the change in this worlds compass altered those goals. Our # 1 goal however, still remains in tact and that is… We have NO regrets. Not one. We have learned from the good & the bad… During a time when the world was afraid, our futures uncertain… a dark cloud reigning over us all, it was those of us who engaged that brightened the path ahead. From the customers, to the community and it’s local business owners that we have tried to support as often as we could, from the incredible musicians we have met that have connected rooms full of people by speaking how the world was feeling with their talent and emotion, to those that brought them to us because they wanted to play, you’ve brightened our journey. There truly is no way to thank every one we have encountered enough. No matter what the encounter was, it taught us something incredible. And finally, we thank our families. Many of you have met some or all of our own families therefore, you will understand how important it is for us to say whole heartedly, without a single one of you…. We could NEVER have made it this far, nor would we have tried. Your support has been the most critical part of our accomplishments and we love you all, thank you for tolerating our crazy everything. You are the very best humans we know. For you we are blessed.

While we could go on and on about the incredible things we will take away from this journey… We will end it with this… When one door closes…. You kick open the next one … See y’all soon 😉

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