Beer & Boudoir: How Hemauer Brewing Co. and Shannon Hemauer Photography Formed the Most Unique Partnership

If you’re looking for one of the more intriguing stories in the Pennsylvania craft beer landscape you have come to the right place. For those of you who have been reading our site for some time, you’re most likely familiar with the team at Hemauer Brewing Co. The Central PA brewery opened in the early months of the COVID Pandemic and has been operating in Mechanicsburg for close to two years.

As the brewery embarks on its second year in business, they have made the effort to also introduce another brand into the mix, known as “Beer & Boudoir.”

Recently we sat down with the duo behind the two brands, Shannon and Brooks Hemauer, to understand not only the future of Hemauer Brewing Co. but also how these two brands will support one another.

Shannon and Brooks Hemauer explain how they have combined their passions to build two very strong brands.

The concept of “Beer & Boudoir” is quite simple, to cross-promote each other’s business and bring together the passions of two very talented individuals. Shannon Hemauer is an award-winning photographer with over seven years of boudoir photography experience. The majority of her photography takes place out of her studio in Carlisle. (You can get more details and request info on these sessions here).

As we learned, Shannon has a true passion for the world of boudoir photography. Her business exists to highlight the natural beauty and empower those individuals who are choosing to step in front of the camera.

Behind the Scenes: Shannon taking a shot of the model with Hemauer Brewing Co.’s Helles Lager.

“I enjoy the connection I have with each woman as she relaxes and has fun working with me. It makes me happy seeing the appreciation she has for photography after the session is over –there is much more than just sitting pretty and smiling-and she feels my passion from start to finish.” Read more about Shannon’s passion for photography here.

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Passion does not end at photography. Brewing has been a labor of love for Brooks for quite some time. He began brewing at home as a hobby, and his passion for the craft lead him to where he is today; operating an award winning commercial brewery with plans of future expansion.

Currently, brewing is done offsite away from the taproom at a private location. The Hemauers shared with us that they would like to open in a much larger space that would bring together both the brewery and taproom. This would allow them to expand on their ever-popular beer series such as “Pivot Parts” and “Garage Series” or one of the many other delicious offerings.

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But this new space would not stop at just brewing. As we mentioned above brewing and photography is a combined business for the Hemauers. The intention would also be to bring the boudoir photography under the same roof as the brewery. Meaning that there would be both a photography studio and brewery in the same location, with much more to add beyond that. (Some details which we cannot share at this point, but customers will benefit greatly from).

No immediate plans are in place for this new location, but we will continue to document the growth of both brands as more details are available.

Behind the Scenes: The couple’s passion can be seen in everything they do and how well they work together in both business ventures.

For now, anyone interested in booking a boudoir session can do so by visiting the main website or requesting information here. You can also visit the brewery and try one of the many beers on tap at 1010 Wesley Drive Mechanicsburg, PA.

Also, be sure to follow both of the brands on social media at the links below.

Hemauer Brewing Co.: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Beer Boudoir: Facebook and Instagram

Shannon Hemauer Photography: Facebook and Instagram

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