From News Agency to Taproom: The Rise of Rough Edges Brewing in Waynesboro

Rough Edges Brewing isn’t just a brewery, it’s a testament to the resilience and spirit of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Born in 2020 amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic, it burst onto the scene, reviving the town’s long-dormant brewing tradition with a passion for handcrafted ales and a knack for fostering community.

The story begins in 2019, when two beer-loving locals, Casey and Wes Phebus, stumbled upon a dilapidated former news agency on Waynesboro’s Main Street. Its faded grandeur whispered of forgotten times, a perfect canvas for their dream of bringing craft beer back to their hometown. With grit and a whole lot of elbow grease, they transformed the space, stripping away years of paint to reveal stunning multicolored tin ceilings and repurposing old bowling lanes into taproom furniture.

See a look at the space for yourself below

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This isn’t your average beer factory. Rough Edges is all about small-batch experimentation, crafting unique and flavorful brews that surprise and delight. From hoppy IPAs to malty stouts, each tap tells a story – a testament to their brewing passion and creative touch. But the story doesn’t stop at the bar. Rough Edges is deeply rooted in Waynesboro. They source their ingredients locally and host a vibrant calendar of events, from trivia nights to live music and special beer releases. The taproom is alive with laughter, conversation, and the clinking of glasses, a testament to their focus on creating a welcoming space for the community to gather.

Capitalizing on their success, in 2023 Rough Edges began the process of expanding on their dining offerings with the introduction of an onsite kitchen. In early September of 2023 the brewery announced the new addition which would allow them to offer a robust menu of authentic Italian style hoagies and paninis, pizzas, kids meals, and more. The food would now be served along the nearly 20 hand made craft beer offerings and PA made wine and spirits allowing Rough Edges to offer a premier dining destination for the local community.

Photo courtesy Rough Edges

The growth doesn’t end at the food offerings. Rough Edges sits in a three story building and future plans include an expansion to one of the floors above the taproom.  As of this writing the brewery has an event space and AirBnB planned. The event space will allow Rough Edges to offer private space to customers who have frequently requested the need over the last three years they have been open. The AirBnB will allow them to join the many breweries in PA offering guests an overnight stay option while still enjoying locally made beer.

A look inside the new space as construction begins (Photo courtesy Rough Edges)

The brewery’s reach extends beyond its four walls. Their beer truck travels to events, bringing their brews and community spirit to the wider region. They offer online ordering and crowlers to-go, ensuring you can enjoy their creations even when you can’t make it to the taproom.

Rough Edges Brewing is more than just a place to grab a beer. It’s a beacon of hope and creativity, a testament to the power of community, and a sip of Waynesboro’s spirit. So, raise a glass and join the story, one delicious brew at a time. Be sure to visit Rough Edges Brewing in Waynesboro to experience for yourself and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all of their latest updates.

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