Lolev Beer: Brewing Up Bold Beers and Bright Vibes in Pittsburgh

Born in the vibrant tapestry of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Lolev Beer isn’t just a brewery, it’s a canvas of liquid creativity. Opened in December 2022, Lolev isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty, twisting and turning classic styles, and conjuring up unexpected brews that dance on your palate.

Forget predictable pints. Lolev pushes boundaries, crafting IPAs that sing with citrusy sunshine, stouts that whisper chocolatey dreams, and sours that pucker with delightful tartness. Every sip is an adventure, a chance to discover something new that sparks joy and ignites conversation.

But Lolev is more than just the beer. It’s a space to connect, to lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of colored lights, to let the soundtrack of local artists wash over you. Their taproom is a welcoming haven, where laughter mixes with the clinking of glasses, and strangers become friends over shared love of bold brews and good vibes.

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To learn more about the growth of the Lolev Brand in a short period of time, we spoke with brewery co-owner Ted Slesinski. Coming into their second full year of operations we wanted to know a bit more about how they have been received in the short period of time since opening. This year has been a journey of growth and learning. We were pleasantly surprised by how our experimental brews were received, leading us on a challenge to innovate more than we initially anticipated” Slesinski said about 2023. He went on to say that the overwhelming response to their brand will allow them to continue to be an integral part of the community around them. Going on to say that “our core commitment to quality and community and making beer that we genuinely enjoy. We’ve always believed in creating a space where everyone feels welcome, and that will always be at the heart of what we do.”

They’re not just brewers, they’re storytellers. Every keg holds a narrative, a journey from barley field to bubbling fermenter, from passionate minds to thirsty hands. It’s a tale of dedication, of experimentation, of pushing the limits of what beer can be.

Photo courtesy Lolev Beer

When asked about their proudest accomplishment over the last year, Slesinski doubled down on the community focus. “Choosing just one is tough, but I’d say our proudest accomplishment is the community we’ve built around our brewery. Seeing customers return, not just for our beers but for the experience and camaraderie we offer, is incredibly fulfilling. It’s a testament to the hard work of our team and the support of our community. Engagement with our community is a cornerstone of our vision. We plan to amplify our involvement through more events, philanthropic initiatives, and collaborations, strengthening our bond with local residents and businesses.”

While Lolev has made a huge splash in the Pennsylvania beer landscape, the future is even brighter for the brewery. “As we look to the future, our ambition is to grow and innovate in harmony with Pittsburgh’s rich brewing heritage. We’re particularly excited about advancing our barrel aging program, which promises to add both depth and complexity to our offerings. This effort reflects the growing sophistication of the Pittsburgh beer scene, a community we’re proud to be a part of” Slesinski shared about future plans.

“Pittsburgh is not just our home but a burgeoning hub for craft beer enthusiasts” Slesinski said. “It’s inspiring to see an increasing number of visitors drawn to our city, attracted by the diverse and exceptional breweries here. In this dynamic environment, we take pride in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our fellow brewers, each contributing a distinct flavor to the city’s beer culture.”

So, raise a glass to Lolev Beer, the rising star of Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene. They’re not just pouring pints, they’re pouring passion, creativity, and a whole lot of soul into every can and pint glass. They’re inviting you to join the adventure, to be a part of the story, and to taste the future of Pittsburgh brewing, one bold sip at a time.

For those who may not be local to the brewery, Lolev Beer has done a great job at getting their beer distributed all throughout Pennsylvania. The brewery has even set up a beer finder to see where you can find their beer near you. Be sure to visit Lolev at 5247 Butler Street in Pittsburgh to experience for yourself and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all of their latest updates.

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