Aslin Beer Company Confirms They Will Open 10 BBL Brewery In Pennsylvania

Update: Aslin now confirms plans to open in PA.

You can file this under news we’ve been looking forward to sharing for quite some time. Back in early 2021, a rumor was shared with us that Aslin Beer Company was considering opening in Pennsylvania. As with all tips/ rumors we receive we went to the source and asked the brewery directly if this was indeed true. While they did not confirm the plans, we were told that they were “actively looking at Pennsylvania” as an option.

And now it appears those plans are coming into place.

In one of the breweries latest Instagram posts, you will see they specifically make mention of an address in Pittsburgh. 1800 Smallman Street. Similarly, if you perform an “Aslin Beer Company Pennsylvania” search the following listing is shown in the results:

As of this writing, the brewery has only one license filed with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB). A license that allows them to ship their beer to Pennsylvania residents, which they have been doing for quite some time now. In order to open a brick-and-mortar location in the state, they would be required to file a separate license with the PLCB, much like Other Half did when they announced plans to open in Pennsylvania.

However, the Virginia-based brewery does have a listing with the Pennsylvania Department Of State that has been filed as of 05/18/2021. This would be one of the steps needed in the process of opening a business within the Keystone state. You can see a search result of the license filing below.

For those unfamiliar Aslin Beer Company has two locations in Alexandria & Herndon Virginia and has been operating since 2015. The brewery quickly rose to fame within the craft beer community for regularly producing highly sought-after options having racked up over 1 million beer check-ins and an average rating of over 4.0 on the site Untappd. Having the brewery operating in Pennsylvania would be a welcomed addition to the PA beer landscape.

As of the post mentioned above confirming the news Aslin will open the location with the following:

“A 10-barrel brewhouse, lagering tanks, open fermenters & fouders will support new brewing processes, techniques & ingredient choices. The space will also include a 7,000 sqft taproom, second floor mezzanine, outdoor patio & cafe.”

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