Locust Lane Emerges From 2020 With New Outdoor Space And Complete Food Menu

The year 2020 was difficult for small businesses all over the world. As we profiled throughout the year, breweries across Pennsylvania were faced with restrictions that caused limitations, setbacks, and canceled plans. However, as restrictions are continuing to be eliminated many breweries are focused on the future.

One brewery that has emerged from the past year with a new outlook is Locust Lane in Malvern, PA. For those who may not be familiar, Locust Lane is a four-year-old brewery based in Chester County whose history can be traced back over two decades. The trio behind the brewery first met while attending Penn State (hence the name) many years ago. You can read their full story here.

For the past four years, the Malvern brewery has become synonymous with its community first approach. Whether it is the support they provide to their Alma Mater, their Community Cup, or the wonderful work they did during the pandemic for front-line workers, the brewery has always worked hard to support their community. They even set up a scholarship as a part of the nationwide “Black Is Beautiful” initiative.

And now Locust Lane has taken that hard work and passion they champion towards community support and are focused on what the brewery will look like coming out of 2020. The first change that customers will notice is the addition of a large outdoor eating area. As with most locations, the brewery was required to provide an outdoor dining space during COVID restrictions. This pushed them to build a permanent structure for guests to enjoy year-round.

Photo courtesy Locust Lane

The outdoor deck provides ample space for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather while still indulging in a robust dining experience of their always rotating draft beer list. During our most recent visit, we enjoyed a variety of different options. Two beers that stood out, were impressive for packing so much flavor, yet being brewed at different sides of the spectrum.

Test Batch #122: Nothing ComPales” (pictured below) is a 4.5% Pale Ale which, as the name suggests, is a part of their test batch (small batch) series of beers. This version was brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops and at 4.5% was the perfect beer to compliment the summer season. Light and crushable this would be a beer any guest would continue to order over and over again as they enjoyed their evening.

The next beer we enjoyed was the “Amorphous Cryo” (pictured below) 8% Double New England IPA. Because what would a brewery feature be without a hazy IPA featured, right? And Locust Lane hit a home run with this one (no offense Game Day). The brewery describes Amorphous as “a hop bomb made with concentrated cryo hops to deliver heavy notes of melon and stone fruit from El Dorado, Palisade and Idaho 7 hops.” And that is a perfect description. The tropical flavor the brewery was aiming for really shines through on this beer. While sitting at 8% the beer drank exceptionally smooth while still being packed full of flavor.

But beer isn’t the only consumption being enjoyed at the brewery. Which leads to the next change for Locust Lane.

In addition to outdoor dining, restrictions also resulted in needing to provide food offerings for guests as well. Prior to the pandemic, Locust Lane did not offer their own menu, rather relying on outside vendors. As of 2021, the brewery has introduced its very own in-house food menu.

The new brewery onsite kitchen (Photo courtesy Locust Lane)

The brewery recently purchased their own food truck, named Foster Ave Carvery (once again, the name is not a coincidence). Foster Ave serves its mouth-watering hand crafted offerings every Thursday through Saturday at the brewery.

The menu is packed full of specially made sandwiches, handhelds, appetizers, sides, and even its very own kids menu. Whether it’s the order of perogies, smoked wings, smashed burger, porchetta, or any number of items, you are sure to have a meal that you will remember. (We know we can’t stop thinking about the meal we enjoyed). See some of the delicious items for yourself (photos courtesy Locust Lane):

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2020 dealt some hard blows to small businesses all over the state. While many restrictions were placed in front of business owners, we can say with confidence that Locust Lane not only faced these challenges head on, but they came out of the year stronger than ever. We highly recommend a visit to their brewery on Three Tun Road to experience for yourself firsthand. If you’re not local, you are also in luck, as the brewery offers a statewide beer shipping program.

Be sure to follow Locust Lane on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all of their growth for yourself.

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