Some Of The Best Live Music Venues Pennsylvania Craft Breweries Have To Offer

Live music and a beer……it doesn’t get much better than that. Well, as long is it’s a Pennsylvania-made craft beer of course.

But where does one go to find such a thing? Lucky for you we scoured the state and have come up with some of the best live music venues the Pennsylvania craft beer industry has to offer.


Broken Goblet | Bristol, PA

There really isn’t another brewery we can lead this list off with. When you win our Reader’s Choice awards for Best Music Venue three years in a row, you have staked your claim as the best in PA.

But that’s not the only reason they belong on this list. Why? Because we aren’t quite sure how many businesses can boast that they have the former touring stage of David Bowie. Yes, the David Bowie. That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said. Broken Goblet is known for bringing some of the best live music to the area, producing shows that could have them competing with any venue in the entire country.

Photo courtesy Broken Goblet on Facebook

The Englewood | Hershey, PA

The Englewood has become a beautiful location for a wide variety of events. And their ‘Listening Room’ is the crown jewel of the space. The large, sizeable concert hall is what The Englewood uses to offer live performances. (As we learned it was a perfect location for a homebrew festival as well).

Live shows are planned virtually every weekend at The Englewood, so it is impossible to not find something for everyone.

Photo courtesy The Englewood on Facebook

Union Brothers | Harmony, PA

A common theme you will see here is the space to offer an ideal performance. Let’s face it, no one wants to be in a small cramped space when it comes time to see a live show. This makes the spacious outdoor beer garden at Union Brothers Brewing one of the perfect spots to catch a show.

The Butler County brewery has made waves within the PA craft beer landscape for its food, wide variety of beers, and even the recent news of their expansion. So it goes without saying any visit for a live show will result in one of the top tier craft beer experiences that you can have in Pennsylvania.

Photo courtesy Union Brothers on Facebook

Warwick Farm | Jamison, PA

If you talk to the team at Warwick Farm they will tell you they didn’t set out with the goal to create a music venue. But when you sit on 20+ acres of land overlooking rural Pennsylvania… you kind of have the perfect layout for it.

In the summer of 2022, the Bucks County brewery put on its first-ever “Music Fest” and the rest was history. A custom-built stage was set up outside of their taproom, an eclectic lineup of bands were invited, and Warwick threw one of the best outdoor concert parties in Pennsylvania beer of the summer.

Photo courtesy Warwick Farm on Facebook

Shy Bear | Lewistown, PA

A few things that help when it comes to having a great location for live music would be having a large enough space and when the owner is in a band. It’s not a requirement, but when that is the case, you know you are in for a hell of a live show.

Which is exactly what you will find at Shy Bear Brewing. Much like other breweries on this list, Shy Bear boasts a large outdoor space making it the perfect location to enjoy an outdoor live show. Their outdoor beer garden has hosted a plethora of live acts which has made them a must-visit in Central PA.

Photo courtesy Shy Bear on Facebook (Brewer and Owner Jason Ufema on far left)

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