Top 10 Breweries In Pennsylvania In 2023 According To Untappd

We’ve finally come to the end of the year. After almost 365 days of drinking Pennsylvania made craft beer and frantically checking in those purchases on Untappd, here we are. So after all that time you probably want to see how breweries in Pennsylvania stack up against each other through the app, right?.

We’ve crunched the numbers and below are the top 10 breweries according to Untappd for all of 2023*


1. Other Half Brewing – 4.23 ✰

One of the country’s most exciting craft breweries decided to call Pennsylvania home when it opened a brewery in the former Goose Island location in 2022. New York based Other Half Brewing has been brewing in Philadelphia since opening and has already become a popular destination. Coming in at number one on the list presents Pennsylvania with a welcomed addition to the craft brewery scene.

2. The Referend Bier Blendery – 4.20 ✰

Photo courtesy The Referend Bier Blendery

Another out of state brewery that decided to call the Commonwealth home finds itself tops within Pennsylvania. The Referend Bier Blendery practices the “neglected art” of waiting, of letting nature run its course, to produce a beer of depth and character, inimitable through technological shortcuts or chemical interference. These naturally wild beers develop on their own timeline, with total production times ranging from nine months to five years, producing bottles carrying cellaring potentials of three to fifty years.

3. Imprint Beer Co – 4.16 ✰

Photo courtesy Imprint on Facebook

Imprint prides themselves on crafting “unique and creative beers, from hazy IPAs to lusciously thick stouts, mind-melding kettle sours to crazy fruited concoctions”. The Hatfield based brewery has become famous for their Schmoojee concoctions, however, it doesn’t stop there. Their complete draft list ranges from every style of craft beer someone could think of.

4. Fermentery Form – 4.15 ✰

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 4.28.57 PM.png
Photo courtesy Fermentery Form

Fermentery Form is a small artisan brewery in the West Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. “We produce delicate and flavorful beers, fermented with our own mixed cultures. A central pillar of our production is our Solera system. This pyramid of barrels contains beer of various ages, in an array of oak types from around the world”. The hours of this brewery vary. So you have to be active to keep up with their latest brews!

5. Hidden River Brewing – 4.13 ✰

“Hidden River Brewing Co. is located at Brinton Lodge in Douglassville, PA. We brew a constant rotation of creative and unusual beers, and we provide a farm-to-table food menu that sources from local farms and suppliers.”

One of the true hidden gems (pun intended maybe?) on the list. Hidden River can only be experienced to be understood. Situated in a historic farmhouse offers a delicious rotation of not just handcrafted beer, but plenty of food to enjoy as well.

6. Dancing Gnome – 4.11 ✰

Photo courtesy Dancing Gnome

As Dancing Gnome says they “unapologetically brew hop pronounced styles and believe in the process of designing, refining, and perfecting our creations. With the understanding and appreciation of tradition, we take calculated liberties to forge a new path for the American Ale.”

While this Pittsburgh brewery is known for its hazy, juicy IPA’s you shouldn’t sleep on all of the styles coming from Dancing Gnome.

7. Tired Hands Brewing – 4.10 ✰

Photo courtesy Philly Voice

Tired Hands came in at number 7 on this list.

T8. Warwick Farm Brewing – 4.09 ✰

Even before Warwick Farm allowed customers to consume beverages onsite they were making a name for themselves. Hosting can releases in the empty lot that would eventually become home to their brand new taproom.

That taproom has since become the place to be in Bucks County. Which is no surprise why Warwick Farm finds itself on this list.

T8. Antifragile Brewing – 4.09 ✰

Photo courtesy Antifragile on Facebook

Antifragile Brewing opened in April 2022 in downtown State College and, as evidence of being on this list, has already made a splash in the Pennsylvania craft beer scene. The brewery focuses on providing a wide variety of beer styles while also pairing a love for Kombucha that has resulted in a must-visit for any PA beer traveler.

The list of places to enjoy a refreshing adult beverage in State College is long. And Antifragile has already set itself at the top of the list in a very short time.

T8. Brew Gentlemen – 4.09 ✰

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 4.41.58 PM.png

“Brew Gentlemen was born out of the desire to carve our own path, build something meaningful, and share great experiences. BG aims to create soft, balanced and elegant beers and meaningful experiences while helping revitalize the historic steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania”

The brewery may not seem like much from the outside, but once you step through the doors the sights, sounds and most importantly flavors are overwhelming. From the bartenders decked out in classic black and white outfits to the award winning beer there is plenty to take in at their Braddock brewery.

T8. Second Sin Brewing – 4.09 ✰

Photo courtesy Secon Sin Brewing

As the story goes, the Second Sin Brewing Company founders have known each other since their days playing middle school football together. Their brewery can be found in what was once Broken Goblet Brewings’ original brewery.

Second Sin focuses on creating modern versions of classic beer styles while striving to maintain the balance between all ingredients. They offer a constantly rotating selection of beers across the spectrum of styles.


Those finding themselves just outside of the Top 10:

Mechanistic Brewing | 4.07
Aslin Beer | 4.07
Fourscore Beer | 4.06
Abjuration | 4.05
Human Robot | 4.05
Four Points | 4.05
Old Thunder | 4.04
Humble Parlor | 4.04
Last Minute | 4.03
Cellar Works | 4.02

*Numbers updated as of December 2023, based on the Untappd weighted rating system. Does not include nano breweries

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