Craft Breweries In Pittsburgh Offering The Best Food And Beer Experience

Pittsburgh is regularly given praise for being a top-tier city when it comes to beer. But if you’re looking for even more when it comes to your brewery dining experience, the Steel City has plenty to offer. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you are lucky to have so many craft breweries that have dedicated the same passion for handcrafting beer as they do to their food menu.

Below are some of the best breweries you will find in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for an over the top food and beer pairing (listed alphabetically):


Burgh’ers Brewing

When you think of the name Burgh’ers Brewing their delicious assortment of burgers will come to mind. And while they are in fact fantastic, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The brewery boasts an eclectic menu of sandwiches, salads, starters and so much more to pair with their fresh made beer.

Cinderlands Beer

For as long as we can remember Cinderlands has pushed the limits with its food offerings. And with the expansion of their much larger Warehouse space, they have become one of the premier craft breweries in town for a full dining experience. And with two different menus for either lunch or dinner, with so many amazing mouth-watering choices, you will be coming back again and again.

East End Brewing

In mid 2021 East End Brewing turned East End Chewing into a reality and the rest, as they say, is history. Known as one of Pittsburgh’s pioneers in the craft beer space East End has paired its famous award winning beer with an eclectic spin on pizza and other offerings. But don’t wait… their “Pizza Of The Day” doesn’t last long, so blink and you’ll miss it.

Hop Farm Brewing

When it comes to a wide variety of selections you really cannot go wrong with Hop Farm Brewing. The brewery’s menu boasts a wide variety of starters, burgers, sandwiches, salads, kids menu, and rotating specials. Add this to a rotating tap list offering a wide variety of styles and Hop Farm is the kind of location you will want to add to your regular outdoor dining rotation.

Spoonwood Brewing

Recently we noted how Spoonwood Brewing offers some of the most delicious barbecue in the entire state. But it doesn’t stop there. A wood fired oven, large list of burgers, amazing rotating list of entrees and so much more make Spoonwood a must visit for the area. Pair this with a Sunday brunch offering and a fantastic rotation of craft beer and you’ll see why for yourself.

Voodoo Brewing

Chances are if you live in the state of Pennsylvania you have been to a Voodoo Brewery taproom. As one of the leaders in the state with taproom spaces, they are not hard to find. But what you may not know is that it all started in Western, PA. And while their Pittsburgh pub may not be the first ever location, they have given the Steel City a welcomed addition to the craft beer and food scene.

Yellow Bridge Brewing

Take it from us, there is no person in the state of Pennsylvania more passionate about perfecting a handmade pizza than Ian Staab, owner of Yellow Bridge Brewing. Just ask him one time about the proper hydration ratio in a pizza and sit back and enjoy the free education. And this passion shines through in the pizza that is offered by Yellow Bridge. And who knows, if you catch him at the right time, you’ll even get to see the master at work.

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