Where To Find Some Of The Best Pizza Throughout Craft Breweries In Pennsylvania

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? What’s even better is when you pair that slice with a locally made craft beer….obviously.

So we searched far and wide across Pennsylvania. And here are some of the best breweries in PA to pair your handmade craft beer with scratch-made pizza.


Berwick Brewing | Berwick

It’s hard to describe how overwhelming the pizza options are at Berwick. From the outside of the brewery it is unassuming. A brick buidling stationed in the middle of Berwick, PA. But once you get inside, that’s when the real fun starts. If you’ve come for craft beer and pizza you have come to the right spot. The brewery boasts their own taplist of 20+ different craft beer offerings. And thankfully you can pair each beer with a pizza because they offer 20+ different styles of pizza as well!

Photo courtesy us

Pizza Boy Brewing | Enola

It would be kind of hard to leave a brewery with “pizza” in their name off this list. If you have ever been to Pizza Boy Brewing you know how overwhelming the tap list can be. But it doesn’t stop there. At over 30 different pizza options available there is no way to possibly try them all in a short period of time. You gotta keep going back for more.

Photo courtesy Pizza Boy on Instagram

GearHouse Brewing | Chambersburg

It’s one thing to just offer pizza out of your kitchen. It is another to reconstruct an RV and turn it into your own mobile pizza maker, complete with its own wood fire brick oven! Which is exactly what the team at Gearhouse Brewing did. If you haven’t tried anything from “Presta” yet, we highly recommend a visit.

Photo courtesy us

Chestnut Hill Brewing | Chestnut Hill

We’re not saying a brick oven pizza maker automatically qualifies you for this list. But damn does it help. Because nothing can get the flavor that every pizza should have quite like a traditional brick oven. And with so many pizza options on the menu, Chestnut Hill Brewing does not dissapoint.

Photo courtesy Chestnut Hill on Instagram

East End Brewing | Pittsburgh

Much like some of the one’s mentioned above, East End Brewing didn’t just start offering pizza’s….they dedicated an entire brand to the cause. “East End Chewing” has been up and running since the summer of 2021, and has focused on delivering as many handmade creations through pizza as they have through craft beer.

Photo courtesy East End Brewing on Instagram

Yellow Bridge Brewing | Delmont

Probably the newest to the pizza game on this list is Yellow Bridge Brewing. As we found out, Yellow Bridge kind of stumbled into the pizza game. One night owner Ian Staab found himself out of options for food and needed a last minute fix. He ran out, purchased a small portable oven and started whipping up pies. Fast forward all this time later and Yellow Bridge has not only upgraded themselves to an industrial pizza oven, but even hired a dedicated pizza expert.

Photo courtesy Yellow Bridge on Instagram

Dock Street Brewery | Philadelphia

Dock street says it best; “Craft beer is great on its own, and even better when paired with incredible food and shared with friends, family, or colleagues.” And it’s in that spirit that they offer some of the best pizza you’ll find in the city of brotherly love (brewery or not). Even better, is they use their pizza for good.

Photo courtesy Dock Street on Instagram

Ever Grain Brewing | Camp Hill

When you are known for providing a farm to table menu, there is a very good chance customers are in for some real fresh ingredients. And Ever Grain Brewing does exactly that with all of their offerings. And with pizza’s such as wild mushroom, philly cheesesteak and sopprasata (to name a few) they are a must have.

Photo courtesy Ever Grain on Instagram

Spoonwood Brewing | Bethel Park

Similar to those above, Spoonwood really takes their pizza offerings to the next level with their very own wood fire pizza maker. We are personally partial to the “Throwing Heaters” pizza (something about the spice) but we recommend trying the many different offerings they have available.

Photo courtesy Spoonwood Brewing on Instagram

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