These Breweries In Pennsylvania Are Taking Initiatives To Go Green

“Going Green” is a big topic in today’s world, no matter what industry you are involved in, or own a business in. Being more environmentally friendly, making more ecologically responsible decisions, and helping to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources, are things we all need to be conscious about. Everyone doing their part leads to big changes.

We are highlighting the below breweries who have made efforts to recycle, cut down on energy use, paper products, waste, etc and are doing their part. Read on to see the steps they are taking!

Burgh’ers Brewing (Pittsburgh, PA)

Burgh’ers strictly monitors their water usage, and they reduce biological oxygen demand of their cast-off waste by composting solids and donating spent grain to a local cattle farmer. They pH neutralize all cleaning water before sending to the drain, and also automate what they can to reduce wasted energy.

Free Will Brewing (Perkasie, PA)


Free Will Brewing “side-streams” all yeast and hops in order to send them to compost, and all their spent grain gets sent to a cattle farm. Throughout the brewery and taprooms, they have all LED bulbs and use natural gas as well. In addition, the packaging rings on their four and six-packs are photo-degradable.

Great Barn Brewing (New Hope, PA)

Great Barn Brewery brews their beer in an old converted goat dairy barn in Kitnersville. Both their brewery, and taproom in New Hope, run on wind power through a partnership they have made. They grow their own non-GMO barley right on the farm as well.

In addition, a lot of the spent grains go to a local farmer for feed, and some go to composted back into the fields they came from initially. By sourcing all local ingredients, and using the “PA Preferred” seal, they are committed to producing clean and green beers.

Levante Brewing Company (West Chester, PA)


Levante has all their spent grain picked up by farmers each week. They also have paper straws, and have installed a water fountain with a digital display of how many plastic bottles saved.

Pottstown United Brewing (Pottstown, PA)


Pottstown United has a local farmed come and pick up their spent grain. PUB also has replaced all lightbulbs with LEDs in an effort to save some electricity. There are more initiatives to come from them!

Seven Sirens Brewing Company (Coming soon to Bethlehem, PA)


Seven Sirens may not be open yet, but they are definitely focusing on reducing their waste. They will be recycling waste water for cleaning, using solar power for as much as they can, and making sure they use as little power as possible for their HVAC unit. They will also have all spent grain picked up by local Lehigh Valley farmers to feed their animals.

Shy Bear (Lewistown, PA)


Shy Bear has a lot of efforts in place to make sure they save energy, and are environmentally friendly! Here are the highlights:

  • 317 solar panels which is their biggest investment. These alone generated over 88,000 kilowatts of energy in 2018.
  • All cardboard/glass/cans/plastic that’s used in the restaurant and brewery is recycled.
  • They side stream all of the hop & yeast sediment that goes to their own compost pile, which creates mulch used around the property.
  • They have been implementing subsistent farming practices, as they are feeding local beef cattle with their spent grains. They have started using for beef based dishes in the restaurant.
  • LED lights in every receptacle in the brewery and restaurant.
  • Shy Bear uses natural gas for heat and on-demand hot water heaters for the brewery, kitchen, bar and bathrooms.

Stick City Brewing Company (Mars, PA)


Since opening, Stick City Brewing has been part of a group called 1% For The Planet, and with this they donate 1% of their annual gross sales to non-profits that protect and save wild/natural areas, waterways, and public access to those places. They are the only brewery in PA that is part of this group!

They give their spent grain to a few cow farmers in the Butler County area, and have eliminated single use plastic cups for water, opting now for washable/reusable ones. They are also looking into installing solar panels on the roof of the brewery as well.

Know of any breweries we didn’t mention? Contact us directly!

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