Wallenpaupack Brewing Company; A Shining Gem In The Poconos

Written By Breweries In PA Contributor Gary Cook (@12VoltBeers on Instagram)

Wallenpaupack Brewing Co seemingly went up overnight. The first time I had tried anything from them was last fall at the Rhythm and Blues festival near Scranton. I had no idea who they were or where they came from but I remember being blown away by the first year that I tried. Based on some other experiences I’ve had with other new breweries, it might take a little while to get their legs before the beers start tasting that good. This was not the case with Wallenpaupack.


Becky Ryman
Becky Ryman, Owner

Wallenpaupack is lead by Becky Ryman who originally had gotten the idea to start a brewery after a visit to a relative in Florida who had just started his very own. She then spent some time dabbling in homebrewing, traveling to other breweries and hired a brewmaster who previously worked at some other breweries (Troegs in Hershey PA being one of them). The result ended in the largest brewery between Wallenpaupack and Wilkes Barre. The location is impressive and boasts a full restaurant with outdoor seating.

See the entire facility for yourself (photos courtesy Wallenpaupack on Facebook):

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As for the beers… there’s an array of styles that range from lagers to ales brewed on a 20 barrel system. Along with this Wallenpaupack also ages their beers in oak foeders and barrels. For hop lovers, they pump out a decent amount of hoppy pale ales, IPAs and hazy IPAs. There’s also a selection of Saisons, sour and dark beers. I was able to try their Contact High Pale Ale which is a hazy IPA made with Simcoe, Nugget, Amarillo and Mosaic hops. It’s a sessionable 5.7% beer and is perfect for the hot spring and summer days. Read our review of their Largemouth IPA.

Contact High Pale Ale
Contact High Pale Ale

The dining experience at Wallenpaupack does not stop at the beer. The brewery also offers a wide variety of food through its in-house kitchen. They offer a variety of menus including a “Chefs Special”, seasonal BBQ, Kids, and Sunday Brunch. When it comes to food, there really is something for everyone at Wallenpaupack.

You can see the 20 barrel brewery/ barreling program where all the flavor comes from at Wallenpaupack below:

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If you happen to be heading to Lake Wallenpaupack, be sure to make a stop at their brewery on Welwood Ave and check out what they have to offer. It’s a fun atmosphere that’s got something for every type of beer lover.

Also make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see all the fun for yourself!

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