Heresy from Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Heresy is an imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels with 8% ABV from Weyerbacher Brewing Company, located in Easton, PA. Officially retired, there are plenty of bottles of this beauty still floating around for you to find in your local bottle shop.

Pouring to a pitch black color there is only a slight tan head that quickly dissolves into a thin tan head around the rim. Right away you know this stout has been aged in whiskey barrel with its prominent boozy aroma.

Despite its heavy whiskey scent the flavor is fairly mild and plenty of roasted malt sweetness and dark chocolate decadence make their way onto your tastebuds. A slightly thinner than usual mouthfeel means there’s a clean finish with very little lingering sweetness or aftertaste of any kind.

Lower in ABV than a lot of Russian imperials and without a ton of booziness this ranks high on the approachable counter. Drinkers stepping up from the standard milk stout will be welcomed in open arms by this brew’s nuanced flavor.

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