The Ultimate Pennsylvania Beer Gifts For The Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! By now you have probably gotten those texts, emails, messages, maybe even tweets. You know the ones; “what can I get you for the holidays?” While we can’t help you with what to get your grandma who loves to knit, we can help you with the beer lover in your world.

Here are our top gifts to get your favorite beer enthusiast this Holiday season.


First Sip Brew Box

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Want to get that special someone a little bit of everything? A First Sip Brew Box may be your best bet! First Sip is a monthly subscription or one-time gift box for the ultimate craft beer enthusiast.

The company aims to expand the recipient’s horizons and introduce them to top breweries and small businesses that know their hops. Every month, they feature a different brewery and fill your box with beer gear, branded glasses, stickers, or other amazing swag to build your collection! You’ll also receive a delicious treat that’s hand-picked to pair with your beer or a lifestyle item that’s crafted with malts and hops!

This is the perfect gift to introduce that beer lover in your life to gear, breweries and other companies that are sure to impress them.

Begin shopping for yours now!

City Brew Tour


A City Brew Tour is a way to explore a cities beer scene like no other. And the best part is they offer tours in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh! On their tours guests will have an experience that educates them about the ingredients in beer, the brewing process, exploring new styles, and introducing them to the craft brewing community in their city, without having to worry about driving.

With gift cards and many other beer gifts available, there is much more than just their standard tours to keep your beer enthusiast happy this holiday season. Book a tour in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia now!

Growlerwerks Growler


Take it from us; if you are looking for a gift that will turn heads look no further than a Growlerwerks product. Not only does it have a unique look that is sure to impress anyone, but it also a great system to keep that beer lovers drinks fresher, longer.

Their original uKeg 64 is a mini keg in the size of a half-gallon growler, keeps beer cold, fresh and carbonated for two weeks. On the go or at home. Durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel. CO2 regulator cap with customizable tap handle and gauge. The unique design makes this for a can’t miss holiday item.

When your loved one walks into their favorite brewery with this growler, they are sure to be noticed.

Shop for one of their many exciting products now!

Local Brewery Gift Card

Gift Certificates El Paso Craft Beer Growlers Glassware Apparel ...The best way to a craft beer lover’s heart? Free beer of course! And we get it, there are a million and one craft beers to choose from, so how do you decide which one to get him? Simple answer, you don’t.

Instead, we recommend a gift card purchase. Allow them to choose the beer they want, rather than putting that pressure on yourself. Where do you find those gift cards? Great question! We have compiled a list of where you can find links to over 100 breweries in Pennsylvania e-gift cards. Visit the link below and grab them free cash to their favorite spot.

Beer Delivered To Their Home

While products are awesome, what does the beer lover in your life really want? Beer of course! And what better way to get them that gift than with one of the many breweries in PA who ship all throughout the state! Take it from us, nothing will make that special one smile from ear to ear quite like a box of beer waiting on their doorstep.

With close to 30 breweries offering the service there is sure to be something for even the pickiest of craft beer lovers in your life.

Select from one of the PA’s many options here

Gifts From Keystone Homebrew

c700x420Keystone Homebrew Supply has been providing quality beer and winemaking supplies and expert advice since 1992. Located in Montgomeryville, PA the shop’s staff offers well over 100 years of combined experience in the hobby.

You may see the word homebrew and instantly think this has to do with those who enjoy brewing their beer. But that isn’t all. The shop offers a wide variety of gifts that can be used behind the bar or in everyday life. From their bar equipment, collectibles, even clothing they have almost anything a craft beer fanatic could think of. And with flat rate shipping, these gifts can be purchased regardless of how local you are to their shop. Click the link below to start shopping!

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